Advantages and Disadvantages of the Windows Operating System

The Pros and Cons of the Windows Operating System

Due to the presence of various phone operating systems, buyers are spoiled with choices and will prefer the best rated in the market. One of the most preferred operating systems for phones is the Microsoft Windows OS, which is common among Nokia phones. Every new user will like to know how a system operates before buying a phone that comes with it. Here are insights that will reveal both the advantages and disadvantages that come with the Windows Operating System.


  • Using the OS is easy and navigating through features is simple. It is one of the easiest phones to use and does not require much technical knowledge. The windows system is also clear and slick, something that most buyers consider when searching for a reliable phone to buy. It is easy to access new software from the App Store and the system allows fast download speeds for updates on your smartphone.
  • Another benefit a user will get while using the windows OS is stability. It does not freeze unnecessarily and can accommodate different types of software without facing challenges. The main trick used while making the OS is integration that is meant to enhance the user experience while maintaining simplicity and uniqueness.
  • Users can easily configure the homepage with different layouts of tiles. You can alter the size of the tiles as well as rearranging them to get the look you prefer. This offers freedom of customization and allows users to have a more enjoyable experience with their gadget.
  • Innovative features. Microsoft Windows comes with a safe area for software that is meant for games and kids. You can add all software you want your kids to enjoy in this location. The speed of the device is also great and allows the user to execute tasks of different magnitude.


  • There is not a wide range of apps available for windows phones as it can be found in android devices. The system is configured is a special manner that allows the user to install certain applications that are compatible with the OS. For this reason, most people complain that despite the fact they enjoy high speeds while using the device, it can be frustrating when one needs to add certain applications that may not be supported. For people who are used to the iOS and Android interface, operating a windows phone in the first instance becomes annoying because it is uniquely different from the rest.