A Short Overview of the Sony PRS-T3

The PRS-T3 is one of many e-book readers that Sony offers in its market. It’s thin and portable, but is it a sound e-reader investment for you? In this brief guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the PRS-T3 as well as how it measures up against the competition.

Features & Design

One of the first noticeable features of the PRS-T3 is its seemingly nonexistent weight. Sporting an included cover, the PRS-T3 weighs in at roughly 7 ounces whereas the Kindle Paperweight weighs a whopping 12 oz. with its official cover. There’s no doubt that the e-reader fits nicely in the hand, and the cover can stay attached to the back via magnets while the device is in use.

The PRS-T3 sports a simple touchscreen, and navigating the reader interface can often be done by using the hardware buttons on the bottom of the device.

The 1000mAh battery is charged via microUSB, and the device can sustain roughly two months of usage. Because the device doesn’t feature a front light, it can remain powered for quite a long time.

Screen Specs

Many will not particularly care for the lack of a front light, but the screen is extremely easy on the eyes in a decently lit room. The contrast looks great, and the text is quite sharp in comparison to other similar e-reader models. Many find that using the PRS-T3 is quite comparable to reading an actual book due to its lack of bells and whistles.


Most people will find the PRS-T3 interface very easy to use. The physical buttons on the device cut a large portion of navigating the device. Those who want their e-reader to do a bit more than emulate books will appreciate the included memo pad, Reader store, web browser, and Evernote/Facebook syncing options.

The Grand Verdict

If you’re looking for an extremely simple and basic e-reader, the PRS-T3 is exactly where you want to put your money. Of course, many other modern e-readers have lots more features, so your choice will inevitably come down to preference. Reading in bed or in dark places might prove a bit difficult due to the lack of a front light, so pairing this device with a reading lamp accessory may be worth your while. Those who care a lot about screen illumination will likely be better off searching elsewhere for a suitable e-reader.