The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

With its larger screen size and high-quality sound, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is an ideal multimedia device, offering users the chance to play games and stream video with greater ease and comfort than would have been possible with a smaller tablet. While it lacks a few of the features and specs found in dedicated business devices, the Tab Pro is an ideal tablet for users who are only interested in entertainment and multimedia. Lightweight and easy to transport, this tablet boasts dimensions and screen size more commonly found in laptop computer systems, making it an ideal device watching movies or playing games.

Graphics and Display

The smaller screen size of smartphones can limit their usefulness when it comes to playing videos and games. The larger size of most tablets make them a more ideal choice for mobile multimedia, but they many of them still lack the dimensions, resolution and functions needed to provide users with a more immersive and enjoyable experience. Larger tablets sacrifice some portability in order to improve display size, making them perfect options for users whose only interest may be multimedia playback or the means to enjoy more comfortable web browsing when on the go.

Superior Battery Life

With the same basic dimensions of laptops and netbooks, the lack of a physical keyboard may seem like quite a limitation, one that may keep users from enjoying the full range of features and options that systems and devices with similar dimensions and price points may provide. The superior battery life and easy to use OS of the Tab Pro more than makes up for such limitations. Users who are seeking a device that needs to be charged less frequently or that may be easier to operate may find this tablet to be an ideal fit for their needs.

Choosing the Best Tablet

While not quite as expensive as high-end laptop and desktop systems, a quality tablet can still be an expensive purchase. Ensuring that you are able to get a better value for your investment is not a matter that should be taken lightly. For users who may be dissatisfied with the display size and other limitations common to smaller mobile devices, the Tap Pro can be a more attractive option. With features like superior multimedia playback, graphics and extended battery life, the Tab Pro is perfect for playing games or streaming video when on the go.