A Tablet for Casual Shoppers

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is a Honeycomb tablet. It is made out of a thin material, which makes the entire device very light.


When compared to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab Pro is much slimmer. On a scale, Samsung’s tablet weighs 1.24 pounds; the iPad weighs 1.32 pounds.

The Galaxy Tab Pro has a very clean design. Along the front housing, a silver aluminum outline surrounds the 10.1-inch display and an efficient camera. On the edge, there are buttons that control the power and volume. Near the headphone jack, you will find two speakers and a port for a microphone.

The tablet is offered with a black or white finish. The black coating is a bit softer, so it is a better option. However, both shades are stylish because they don’t look like fake metal or leather.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab uses Android 4.4 and the TouchWiz interface. Accessing different apps on the device is simple because the most popular shortcuts are at the bottom on the screen.

Multi-tasking is possible on the Galaxy Tab Pro. However, although the tablet can run two apps at once, you cannot customize the size of the applications according to the space on the screen.


The Exynos 5420 processor powers the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. This particular Samsung chip has eight cores. Four of the cores have high-performance functions. The other four components have low-power capabilities. Although these specs sound impressive, this processor is slightly less powerful than the Snapdragon processor.


The Samsung Galaxy Pro 10.1 uses a 8220mAh battery, which is non-removable. It can hold a charge for about 10 hours.


Samsung designed the Galaxy Pro tablet with two cameras. Although the pixel quality is not the best, the details are reasonable when compared to other tablets.


The internal speakers are not very efficient because they only produce thin sounds. When the volume is turned up, certain sounds become dull and grainy.

Overall, if you need a good tablet that has a sharp screen and useful features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.0 is worth considering.