Choosing an E-Reader: the Nook HD and HD +

On today’s market of e-readers, the Nook by Barnes and Noble sits comfortably at the top of the list, beside Amazon’s Kindle. When deciding which of these two great products one wants to use, the most important thing to know is what makes them different. This article will focus on the product known as the Nook HD, which is most commonly compared to the Kindle Fire, so that the reader will know how to compare this product to any others they might consider.

The Nook HD features the highest-quality graphics of its generation, as well as a touchscreen with a back light and full internet capability. This device can play a number of apps and programs, can read PDF files, and can, of course, open and read EPub and PDF files.

While the Nook HD can open and play a wide variety of android-compatible apps and can open both EPub and PDF files, one of the few drawbacks to the device is its lack of storage space, with the cheapest edition coming with a paltry eight gigabyte hard drive, though this can be remedied by purchasing a version with additional storage, or making use of the system’s cloud feature, only downloading books and apps when the user wishes to use them. Additionally, the device features a microSD port, allowing for easy installation of increased storage.

Other system specs include:

  • Battery life – up to eight hours of continuous use
  • WLAN connectivity – connect to the internet via your wireless router
  • Multi-touch screen – the touch screen can make use of multipoint touch input
  • Seven-inch display – the larger Nook HD+ is larger, with a nine-inch display
  • Google Play Store access – as of May of 2013, the Nook HD and HD+ can access the Google Play Store

While the Nook HD saw launch prices as high as $300, unused devices can now be found at rates as low as $100.00, with “gently used” units dropping as far as $50.00. The Nook HD has continued to receive technical support and updates from Barnes and Noble, and remains a useful and efficient, if mildly outdated, tablet computer, and as an e-reader, it remains top-of-the-line.