A Great Tablet for Work or Play

If you enjoy the flexibility of mobile devices, then a nearly 12″ high definition screen tablet offers an excellent alternative to a laptop. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 weighs only 1.76 pounds. However, it provides both entertainment and the capacity to substitute as a work station. Most people appreciate three aspects of the trendy Surface Pro: scalability, functionality and convenience.


The thin, rectangular Surface Pro 3 possesses the dimensions of a compact portable tablet: in inches it measures 11.50 x 7.93 x 0.36. However, despite its size, the Surface Pro 3 supplies incredible scalability. All features operate on just 64GB of memory, but users can purchase 128GB, 265GB or 512GB models, too.

With a Windows 10 pro operating system, this tiny device furnishes the power to run both Windows and Office for purposes of work mobility. It boasts a full high definition touchscreen, plus a virtual keyboard. A thin Surface pen included with this product allows you to scrawl comments or directions directly onto a web page, with compatible software.


The specs for this tablet include Intel i3, i5 or i7 chips. Purchasers essentially select the level of power they require to accomplish a variety of functions with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. One particularly attractive aspect involves the ability to transfer data effectively between the tablet and other peripheral devices.

For example, with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology incorporated right into the device, you can utilize this PDA for a wide array of real-time purposes. It should function compatibly with iBeacon technology, for instance, allowing users to download coupons and product data as they cruise store aisles or museum displays.

The Surface Pro 3, just like many smartphones, contains two 1080 pixel SMP high definition cameras and microphones. They’re front and rear facing, offering considerable utility for digital photography purposes.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can run for varying extended periods without a battery recharge, thanks to its internal lithium ion batteries (the way you choose to use the device impacts the length of time between re-charging sessions). This capability permits it to replace a laptop in many situations.

The exterior magnesium casing offers an attractive exterior, although it’s not a bad idea at all to protect this device with a skin or protective carrying case, either. Despite the convenience of portability, high tech gadgets usually fare better with extra care. If you seek a wonderful alternative to a heavy desktop, or even a laptop, this handy tablet might fit your requirements.