Are You Looking for a Great Tablet? Consider the Kindle Fire HDX

The Kindle Fire HDX tablet is a device from Amazon that offers users an amazing better-than-HD screen along with tons of features designed to help you get more out of your Kindle Fire experience. The tablet really shines in terms of its multimedia-friendly specs, which include an ultra-fast 2.2 GHz quad-core processor, a front-facing 720p HD camera, plenty of memory and storage, and a huge display screen with world-class high pixel density and color accuracy.

Kindle Fire HDX user experience

The device feels surprisingly light and weighs in at only 11 oz. for models with 4G capabilities; wireless options weight negligibly less than this. Either way, this makes it one of the lighter weight Kindle models, allowing it to feel more comfortable in your hands when watching a movie or gaming on the tablet. The battery life is an impressive 11 hours in active use, although this may vary, depending on what the tablet is actually used for, with some activities more battery-life intensive than others. The battery charges in six hours or less.

Fire OS 4 – Sangria

The newest version of the operating system (OS) designed for Kindles has a lot to offer users, including the ability to set up multiple user profiles, a shared Family Library, and full Cloud Drive integration. These features work especially well for Prime members who use their Kindle to access content. Additionally, the Kindle Fire HDX can also be used for productivity purposes, including creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations when away from the office.

Gaming, apps, and much more content for Kindle Fire HDX

This is where the Kindle really shines. The impressive display has gone way beyond just HD graphic capabilities. This is HDX. That makes the tablet the perfect choice for those who use their tablet for gaming or for apps that could use more power behind their graphics. The specs of this Kindle are also ideal for watching a movie or show and enjoying it just as much (or more) as you would on your TV at home. Thanks to its great battery life, you won’t need to worry about powering down during your favorite movie’s climax.

If you want a tablet that’s light, easy to use, and can do it all, the Kindle Fire HDX should definitely make your short-list. The tablet has tons of great features, incredible graphics, and an awesome new operating system. Everything a digital device needs to really impress!