Best iPad Features

Trying to choose a tablet can be tough, but looking for the best specs and features can help make the decision easier. Many may not realize that there are so many different types of iPads, but there are plenty of different options on the market. They have different screen sizes and often varying amounts of internal memory.

All of the iPads can be used either with Wi-Fi or over a cellphone network. The price will be dependent on how much internal memory a person needs. Those who are more dedicated users of tablets are probably better served to choose a tablet with more memory, as they will be able to save more pictures, videos and any other files they may need. The iPad Mini and the iPad Air each have options from 16 GB to 32 GB of storage.

The functions are different depending on which particular iPad is purchased, but they all have fantastic functions to use. They can be made very secure by using a fingerprint to log in to the device. They each have amazing cameras in both the front and the back, and the device comes with some great photo editing software. Those who want to do even more with it can download even an even higher quality photo editing app from the App Store.

The battery life on these is great as well; people can take the tablet with them and use it for hours before they need to juice up again. It has an A8X chip that makes it lightning fast, and allows users to avoid waiting around for things to load. The tablet is also very slim and comfortable to hold. This tablet offers very high resolution, making watching movies a fantastic experience. One of the best features is the screen has an anti-reflective coating, making it possible to sit and use the tablet outside in the sun and be able to actually use the screen.

These are all great aspects of the iPad Air and iPad Mini, which is a great choice for those who want a high-end tablet. Either of these tablets is a great option for the price, and offers some of the best features available on the market today.