Mega Benefits from a Mini Tablet

With minuscule features almost able to fit in any glove compartment and a lightweight body, the iPad Mini stands out as one the industry’s most reliable and most powerful tablet in use. The tablet has almost all the identical features as its big brother, the iPad, except its size. With its charming specs only reflecting a screen size of 7.87 inches in height and 5.3 inches in width, this charming half-pound device packs a big punch in a small package. It bolsters an incredible battery life that can last up to 10 hours of surfing the web and watching videos.

Consumers can find that the iPad tablet is rather easy to purchase as the specs for all the models share similarities with just a difference in color or size of the internal storage. With all the models sharing the same spec, Apple wants its customers only to worry about the cosmetic look and not concern themselves with which model is faster.

Features of the iPad Mini:

  • Front and back camera
  • Video stabilization
  • FaceTime video and audio
  • Siri
  • Free messaging to other Apple users

Users of the device have access to free apps that can assist not only with their personal day-to-day activities but also with business and creative work. Consumers will get access to apps such as Numbers that function the same as Office Excel. GarageBand is another app that is given free to owners of the iPad that functions as a personal studio to link music instruments to the device to help enhance or record songs.

Notable upgrades to the tablet in recent releases include not only a faster CPU but also Touch ID, as of 2015. With Touch ID, consumers can now unlock their devices and make purchases with the push of a finger. Customers can now record 1080p HD video and take wide-angle pictures using the Panorama option.

Timer mode and time-lapse is also an available feature on the device. Consumers can now set when to start a recording or to take a picture, making selfies easier to take than ever before. With the time-lapse option, clients can record videos in slow motion at high frame rates to make amazing videos and capture every moment better. With these improved aspects, the iPad mini functions as a device that combines business and entertainment.