Is an iPad Right for You?
The Pros and Cons of Owning an iPad

The features you find on an iPad are very useful for some people and are not as helpful for others. You need to know exactly what the device is capable of and what it cannot really do well. Here are some of the pros and cons of owning an iPad.

Clear and Bright Screen

The high-quality display is one of the primary benefits of owning an iPad. The screen has a high resolution. The colors are bright and crisp. Later models are increasing the resolution to keep the images sharp and clear. This makes viewing images, reading text and watching videos on the iPad very enjoyable.

No Drives or Ports for Most Peripherals

A disadvantage of the iPad is that there are no drives or ports for most peripherals. The iPad specs usually have just Bluetooth functionality and a Lightning connector. You are not going to have a universal serial bus, or USB, slot. You also cannot put in CDs or DVDs making it difficult to transfer files or media without putting it online first.

Integrated Photo Functionality

One of the major features of an iPad is the integrated camera on the device. The latest models of the iPad allow you to take high-definition video at 1080p. You can also take still pictures in this resolution. The front and back cameras allow you to quickly shoot videos or pictures without having to twist and contort your body.

Limited Storage Space

A drawback is that there is limited storage space. The basic specs for an iPad give you from just 16 to 128 gigabytes of storage depending on the model. This is not a large amount of space if you are taking pictures, recording movies and downloading media files. There is not really a way to expand this internally although you can copy pictures to a micro card with an adapter kit.

Simple Interface and Controls

A feature that makes an iPad attractive to many people is the simple interface and controls. You do not need any technical knowledge to learn how to use an iPad. There is nothing complicated to remember and the icons are all self-explanatory. This makes an iPad a good choice for someone who is unfamiliar with computers.

Easy Access to Apps

A final advantage is that it is easy to access new apps for the iPad. All of the programs are located in a centralized online repository known as the App Store. You can get to this store with just a few taps and browse through thousands of apps. They can be downloaded and installed with one tap in most cases.