HTC One: Good or Bad?

When it comes to the specs of the HTC One, you have a lot that can be said about this phone. First, we will talk about the good, such as the screen on this phone. If there were a better screen for your phone, we have not found it. While critics praised the iPhone 5 for its dazzling screen quality, at its current resolution, it still does not compare to the HTC One. Using this phone, everything will pop out at you, and you will see everything as brighter and clearer. The HTC One has outdone its past predecessors and shown us a 4.7-inch 1080p form. You will have a hard time finding better.

Second, the design and hardware of the HTC One is absolutely brilliant. The iPhone 5 features an aluminum construction that makes it easy to chip and ding your phone. When you purchase the HTC One, you receive a phone that uses a tough but thick material so that you will not have to worry about carrying it around without a case. Nevertheless, you might still want a case because of drops, which is another situation.

The HTC One does not, however, have the flair that some of your Nokia and Sony phones will feature. The HTC One still provides you with some of the best design and sophistication that will top a Samsung phone. With dual front-facing speakers, you can finally eliminate the tiny mono speaker that you might find on the Nokia N84 or the Nokia N95. The camera of the HTC One is intended more for accessibility and convenience. It is not the best camera phone on the market, but if you want a low-light shooter, it does provide. If you want pixel count, this may not be the phone for you.

When you go to buy the HTC One, the next aspect to understand will be the battery life. It only features a 2300mAh, so this is not the phone for you if you always want your phone fully charged. The HTC One also charges slower than what you get with most of the other phones.

Overall, however, the screen, design and audio will help to make up for the battery, provided that you are not a heavy user. The HTC One offers superior quality over the Samsung S4’s fancy features. While the S4 does provide you with another great screen, the HTC One M7 performs better in direct lighting, and it offers a solid operating system.