Review of BlackBerry Z30

BlackBerry is a company that is continuously bringing new products out into the market. When the company created the BlackBerry Z30, they were taking a bold move. They were ultimately able to create their most advanced gadget to date. The phone offers a variety of specs that makes it top notch and high quality compared to other competing phones on the market.

The design of the BlackBerry Z30 is very similar to Android devices on the market. With a typical rectangular shape, it is hard to tell any difference between the phones from a distance. On both the front and the back of the screen, BlackBerry logos can be found. Above the five inch screen, you will find an earpiece. You will also find a front-facing camera with 2-megapixels. On the left side of the phone there is a port for cables while on the right side, there are controls for the volume and for play/pause.

The screen of the BlackBerry Z30 contains the largest screen of any BlackBerry. It has a five inch screen with a high definition resolution display. However, the display of the Z30 isn’t as bright when compared with other phones, such as Droid Maxx by Motorola. However, the Z30 does have a high contrast, as well as viewing angles that appear to be very wide.

The screen is one noticeable improvement from BlackBerry’s predecessors. The software of the phone has been updated. The operating system the phone runs on is the BlackBerry 10.2. This operating system has a fresh new feel with new features. A new feature named Priority Hub is included with this operating system. This new feature takes into account who you have the most interaction with via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These conversations that you have had with people will be given top priority and will be placed at the top for your convenience.

The BlackBerry Z30 has an exceptional battery. It can potentially last up to 25 hours. Compared to other phones, the battery length of the Z30 is a front runner, as you can conduct many activities, and the battery will not be run down by a large percentage.

Although BlackBerry may seem like a company of the past, they still make mobile phones with great features that are offered at an affordable price. If you are an advocate of the BlackBerry brand, this is the perfect phone for you to consider.