The BlackBerry Operating System: What to Love and What to Hate

The BlackBerry Smartphone comes with a few advantages in quality, but if you decide to buy it, there are still a few disadvantages that you will want to be aware of. This guarantees that you will feel happier with it over time. When it comes to text, email and web searching, neither the iPhone nor Android satisfied. Texting became a giant hassle because the two opposing platforms have a far inferior auto-correct compared to the BlackBerry operating system.

When you choose the BlackBerry, you receive excellent connectivity for GTalk, WhatsApp and BBM. They will work seamlessly, and BlackBerry uses a wonderful email client that will sync with your enterprise server. In addition, the BlackBerry OS features one of the friendliest QWERTY keyboards that will let you type a text message and other things easily. What else will you love? The overall operating speed is exceptionally fast and snappy.

What will you hate about the BlackBerry? First, look at the model before you buy it because some of the models offer less than satisfactory battery life. Also, we have seen other brands that feature superior camera quality, such as the HTC One or the iPhone 5. This is not your phone if you want to snap flawless pics. You will also find the application support is less than satisfactory, and when you purchase from the app store, you want the company to stand behind you long after you have made the purchase. Without great support, you are left to figure it out for yourself, or you will lose your money.

If you decide to buy a BlackBerry, almost all the models will offer similar features and utilities. The only real difference can be found in the visuals of the new OS. When it comes to software updates and upgrades, they will continue until your subscription period ends. However, you want to keep your system updated because this provides you with optimal security. Having antivirus for your phone can help to stop cyber criminals, but if your system is not being updated often enough, you can still have your software exploited.

A BlackBerry will make a great decision for someone who lives life on the move, and they want to reply to their emails instantly and enjoy chatting with friends and family. If you do not care about having apps on your phone, then you will have a broad selection of models to choose from.