Why You Should Give Preference to an Android Tablet

When out to buy gadgets, users navigate through the market with different features in mind. Each company offers unique features that can improve the way people use their devices. Among competitive operating systems that most people are familiar with, the Android OS has proved more reliable and easy to use. Therefore, buying an android tablet comes with several benefits as outlined below.


Although price may not seem as a major factor to some people, it is true that an android tablet is cheaper if compared to rivals like iPad. The device also offers many applications that make it useful. This price variation is not an indication that the android system is inferior, but just because some other companies may overprice their devices due to the operating system used. Android offers great specs and the display is always admirable.


To get a better experience using some features on the tablet, you are allowed freedom to choose the applications you want to use from the app store. You can also install as many applications as the memory can allow. Android tablets also allow the user to customize setting to include things they would like. For instance, you can easily regulate data usage by turning off background data when you are not running applications and you can edit camera settings to fit with your needs.

Easy storage expansion

One of the benefits of having an android tablet is the fact that most accept SD cards. You can expand storage depending on your needs and the type of information you want to keep. The table can also be used as an external storage medium by backing up things contained in your computer.

Easy USB connectivity

The Android system does not offer restrictions when you want to connect the device with other devices using the USB port. The software is also compatible with most computer programs and can allow easy sharing of data.

Replaceable battery

When the battery of the device gets damaged, one can easily replace it by buying a new one. Most electronic shops offer replacement services and no damage can be caused by inserting a new battery. This is unlike some gadgets that are designed with a permanent battery that cannot be replaced when it gets damaged.

No unnecessary sync rules

Android does not compel users to sync all their applications so as to use the device. It is a free gadget that allows users to decide on what they want to do with the tablet. This eliminates the frustrations of having to spend hours syncing.