The Pros and Cons of the Android Operating System

When investing in buying a gadget, the first thing the buyer confirms is the functionality and reliability of the gadget. This is something that happens very often in the Smartphone market. It is advisable to confirm whether the features available in the phone are what you are looking for. The presence of different operating systems to choose from gives unsophisticated users hard time identifying which gadgets to give preference. One of the most preferred operating systems is the Android system, which comes with both advantages and disadvantages as outlined below.


  • Many varieties from tech junkies. Starting form Google to other well renowned tech companies like Sony, android phones have come in different models that users can choose from. Companies like Google offer a very unique version of their models and most users have benefited from the unique design that is included in the phones. There are many companies to choose from so you may get the best quality in the market.
  • More advanced features. Features like one included in the Samsung S4 zoom may not be available in other Operating systems like the iOS. Android users can access more customization options and applications are easily available for download from the App Store.
  • More freedom. You can easily customize your android phone to get functionality that you like. There is no restriction to the apps you can have on the phone as long as there is sufficient space. You can also make updates whenever you like and this does not render the phone ineffective.
  • Different resolutions. For enthusiasts of taking photos and editing images, the Android OS comes with different resolutions and you can adjust the resolution as you deem fit. For gaming purposes, you can easily switch to the HD version of display so you will not have problems streaming games on the phone.


  • Freezes unexpectedly. For people who use Android phones that are installed with many applications while the processor is low, they will experience unexpected freezes from time to time. This is common especially when running games that require much processing power.
  • Due to many links that appear covering screens when one installs certain apps, you may end up installing malware, which may damage the phone later. This is a problem that has forced most people to lose data when the phone fails completely due to unavoidable malware effects.